Al-Koni meets with representatives of the Libyan Relief Authority and the National Human Rights Committee

The Deputy President of the Presidential Council, Musa Al-Koni, held a meeting with representatives from the Libyan Relief and Humanitarian Aid Authority and the National Committee for Human Rights. The meeting was convened to discuss the recent disaster of floods in Derna and its neighboring areas.

Al-Koni expressed his appreciation for the professional manner in which both organizations have been handling the crisis. The representatives presented field reports during the meeting, providing an overview of the affected areas and detailing the extent of damage caused by the floods.

The Coordinator of Displaced Persons Affairs and Human Rights in the Council of Ministers was also present at the meeting. The Coordinator contributed to the discussion by sharing insights on the current situation and future plans.

Al-Koni commended the efforts of the Authority, the Committee, and other civil society institutions. He highlighted their professionalism in dealing with the disaster from day one, their effective mobilization for rescue operations, and their commitment to providing assistance to those affected by this unfortunate event.


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