Awaqir Tribe threatens pulling out from Haftar’s militias in south Tripoli if Al-Werfalli doesn’t stop violations

Awaqir tribespeople have threatened Khalifa Haftar that they would pull out their fighters from southern Tripoli frontlines if the criminal Mahmoud Al-Werfalli, who is wanted for war crimes and crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court, didn’t stop encroaching on the tribe’s lands in Benghazi.

An Awaqir tribesman said ICC-wanted Al-Werfalli wants to steal a piece of land from Al-Khafifi family in Benghazi as he claimed he owned the land after buying it from a man wanted by Haftar’s General Command.

Meanwhile, several of Awaqir tribespeople said earlier that Al-Werfalli had tried to blackmail the tribe that if they wanted to stay in the land, they would have to support “Special Forces” with 10 cars.


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