Efforts to recover bodies continue across Libya’s disaster-stricken areas

The spokesman for the Emergency Medicine and Support Apparatus, Malik Merseet, has reiterated that the Apparatus has different gathering points across disaster areas to recover bodies and provide medical support.

Merseet added on Monday that the teams sent by the Apparatus had sufficient experience in recovering bodies and necessary equipment to do so, saying that they faced some difficulties in recovering some bodies in certain areas.

Storm Daniel and ensuing floods hit eastern coastal cities, especially Derna, Al-Bayda and Al-Marj, on September 10 and 11.

Two dams collapsed in Derna valley – an area locally known as Wadi Derna -, washing away entire neighborhoods and killing a number of entire families. The flood torrent obliterated around a quarter or the Mediterranean city of Derna.

Conflicting reports are still being published regarding the death toll of Strom Daniel in eastern Libya in general and in Derna in particular. Estimates, especially through the statement of the Health Minister of the east-based government, Othman Abduljalil, said the official records in eastern Libya had registered 3,166 deaths up until September 15.


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