Erdogan reaffirms Turkey’s commitment to supporting Libya, while more international support is catching up

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that Turkey has dedicated three aircraft and three ships to provide aid to Libya. Erdogan emphasized Turkey’s commitment to continuous support for their ‘Libyan brethren’ until they can surmount the current challenges.

The Turkish government, through its Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD), had mobilized a highly trained search and rescue team consisting of 150 dedicated individuals. A spokesperson for the Emergency Committee in east Libya gave special recognition to Turkish rescue teams who managed to save many lives in Derna.

Meanwhile, an Algerian rescue team has made a grim recovery of 18 bodies from the flood victims in Derna, underscoring the severity of the disaster. Also, in a coordinated effort with the Bangladeshi ambassador to Libya, a Bangladeshi plane landed at Benina Airport carrying logistical support and medical and relief materials for the devastated areas.

The European Union (EU) from its side has described the catastrophe in Derna as unprecedented in the region. EU spokesperson, Luis Miguel, highlighted their efforts to activate mechanisms for civilian protection and dispatch humanitarian supplies to the devastated areas. The EU clarified that aid is not sent without an official request and upon receiving Libya’s request, they activated their mechanism on the same day. Despite initial difficulties due to collapsed infrastructure and widespread flooding, the EU affirmed its commitment to working with all parties, steering clear of political biases.

Moreover, the World Health Organization (WHO) spokesperson has voiced concerns over an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in eastern Libya. The WHO stated that their first action was to deliver body preservation bags and warned of potential epidemics spreading through contaminated drinking water.

Rescue teams in Martuba, Al-Tamimi, and Umm Al-Zurm, east of Derna, have called for protective materials for body recovery. A source from the rescue teams described the situation in eastern Derna as extremely tragic. The teams have been recovering flood victims who were swept into valleys more than 60 kilometers east of Derna by waves. The source warned of a looming epidemic crisis if the current neglect continues.


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