Following security tension in Zuwara, militia leader is now in AG Office’s custody

The Libyan Attorney General’s (AG) Office has issued a statement announcing the arrival in custody of the arrested militia leader “Abdo Al-Kabu” to the Tripoli headquarters after he was detained by security units in Zuwara.

The AG Office said on Wednesday that the transfer of the wanted criminal was carried out by the security apparatuses in the region where “Al-Kabu” was detained in cooperation with the Stabilization Support Apparatus.

According to the security force that implemented the AG Office’s arrest warrant, Al-Kabu is a notorious militia leader from Al-Zawiya. He is wanted on charges of committing several crimes, including murder and kidnapping, in addition to his suspected involvement in smuggling fuel, people and drugs.

The initial apprehension of Al-Kabu in Zuwara – near Ras Ajdair border as he was en route to Tunisia – set off tension in the region, as armed groups affiliated with his militia blocked main roads demanding his release.


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