Italian Prime Minister: Stability in Libya is our priority

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has said that achieving full and lasting stability in Libya is a priority of Italian national security, the Italian news agency Nova has reported, adding that Meloni calling, in her closing speech at the eighth edition of the annual “Mediterranean Dialogues” conference in Rome, on Libyan political actors to commit to providing the country with strong and democratically legitimate institutions.

The Italian Prime Minister said that her country is promoting the plan of the founder of Eni, Enrico Mattei, for Africa, adding that the prosperity of Italy is not possible without the prosperity of its neighbors, mentioning the need for Italy to promote the plan for Africa.

She also explained that there is no negative attitude toward other countries, but rather a cooperative one that values the identity and specifics of each country.

Meloni indicated that it was necessary to take advantage of expanded security, which also included measures to protect the human, cultural, environmental, energy and food dimensions, pointing out that there was a need for closer cooperation between the Maghreb countries in the field of development and stability.


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