Libya, Turkey signed an agreement to repel warlord Haftar’s militias, Al-Mishri says

The Head of the Libyan High Council of State Khalid Al-Mishri said Tuesday Libya and Turkey had forged a clear agreement to repel the attacks of warlord Khalifa Haftar’s militias.

Khalid Al-Mishri, speaking in Rabat, Morocco’s capital, alongside Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita, said last November’s Turkish-Libyan security cooperation MoU was in no way imposed on Turkey, adding that Libya’s Government of National Accord (GNA) asked Turkish forces for help after Haftar was supported by several countries.

Al-Mishri said that Libya had no power to defend its legitimacy against all of those countries in support of warlord Haftar and his militias.

“Since 2013, Libya has been subjected to military intervention by Egypt and other countries, as well as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which is against its international rights,” Al-Mishri said.

He added that Libya had no choice but ask help from Turkey after Haftar was supported by many countries and came to the outskirts of the capital Tripoli.

“Libya’s High Council of State and the Tobruk-based House of Representatives, allied with Haftar, have the potential to reach a solution.” Al-Mishri said, as he spoke in a joint presser with the Moroccan Foreign Minister.


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