Libyan HoR Speaker says disagreement with HCS still alive

The Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR), Aqila Saleh, said that the dispute with the High Council of State (HCS) is alive and revolves around the issue of the candidacy of dual nationals for presidential elections.

Saleh called in an HoR session on Tuesday in Benghazi for allowing the candidacy of dual nationals, pointing to the possibility of adding an article that says that in the event of dual nationals succeeding in presidential elections, they would show documents of renouncing the other nationality.

He urged for leaving the choice on this matter to the people, and asked the opponents to accept the results in order to end the transitional periods.

Saleh also called for the forming three parliamentary committees: a political committee, an advisory committee to develop the constitutional basis, and an economic committee.

He gave the HCS 15 days to respond to the HoR regarding the file of the constitutional basis for the elections.


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