MSF rescues 69 immigrants off Libya’s coast

Doctors without Borders (MSF) said on Twitter on Tuesday that it had carried out life-saving operations in the Central Mediterranean and rescued an overcrowded rubber boat by the teams aboard “Sea Bird 2” ship in the international waters near Libya.

MSF added that the Sea Bird 2 team had rescued 69 persons, including 9 women and 25 minors, among whom there were two little girls aged only 5, reiterating that they were all taken to safety aboard “Geo Barents” ship.

“Despite witnessing multiple interceptions by the Libyan Coast Guard [on that morning], we successfully performed the rescue.” MSF added on Twitter.

It also said that its teams would continue to provide assistance and care to people in distress at sea, reaffirming that they would never accept additional drowning tragedies.


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