Pressure mounts on Libyan Border Guard at the Tunisian borders

The Libyan Border Guard declared the increase of security patrols on the Libyan-Tunisian border, after the surge in the number of migrants trying to enter Libya from Tunisia.

The spokesman for the Nineteenth Brigade of the Border Guard, Ali Wali, explained that the brigade is under great pressure due to the large number of immigrants and the length of the borders from which they enter, which is almost 150 kilometers, noting that they provide humanitarian aid and food for children, women and critical cases from the brigade’s own expenses.

Wali mentioned that about 200 immigrants are trying to enter from Tunisia into the Libyan territories on a daily basis, indicating that an attempt by a relatively large group was prevented Thursday morning. The spokesman called for cooperation between the two countries to address irregular immigration, and to provide suitable solutions for migrants trying to enter Libya from Tunisia.

From his end, the Assistant Director of the Alassa border sector Fathi Al-Said stated that they had noticed an increase in the migration movement on the border line during the past two months, and more so specifically in the last two weeks. Al-Said said in a statement to Libya Alahrar that all the forces in the border sector are on alert on the Libyan-Tunisian border, and that they have established 9 fixed monitoring points on the border and launched mobile patrols 24 hours a day between these points.

The border guard has called on the government to provide greater logistical support as they have become in need of greater numbers of specialized vehicles to reach difficult desert areas.


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