Pro-Haftar groups kidnap activist for participating in Benghazi protests

“Saving Libya from Corruption and the Corrupt” Movement organizers have said that the activist Rabie Al-Arabi has been kidnapped after taking part in Monday protests in Benghazi.

Exclusive sources from Benghazi told Libya Alahrar TV that Al-Arabi had been out of reach since he took to the streets in the city taking part in the protests that were attacked by pro-Haftar groups.

The movement organized Monday a protest in Tebisti Square in Benghazi, calling for a civilian state and end to corruption. The organizers expressed later dismay at “thugs” whom they said had dispersed the protesters in favor for the corrupt officials.

The protesters saw pro-Haftar men mixing with the protesters holding slogans praising Haftar in cooperation with media outlets loyal to the warlord who controls the eastern region with force.

Before the protests, Benghazi saw tightened security measures on main streets in an attempt to hinder the demonstrators’ movement.


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