RSF: Libya is an informational black hole

Reporters without Borders (RSF) said in a new report that Libya is an informational black hole, adding that most media and reporters have fled the country and those who remain try to ensure their safety by working under the protection of one of the warring sides.

RSF indicated that foreign journalists can no longer cover events in Libya, saying that legacy media, having taken sides in the conflict, can no longer play the role of ensuring free, independent, and balanced information that reflects the society’s real issues, especially young people’s aspirations.

“No regulatory agency nor framework law guarantees access to information, nor respect for media pluralism and transparency. No law guarantees freedom of expression, journalist safety nor the right to reliable information.” RSF said.

RSF added that media financing depends on advertising revenue from enterprises run by business people close to the politically powerful, explaining that media-political collusion, as well as the non-transparency of advertising contracts, jeopardize the independence of media and journalists. The latter work in extreme instability, subject to arbitrary dismissal at employers’ discretion.

RSF said that journalists have for years been targets of intimidation, harassment, and physical violence, although the situation apparently improved in 2021. It added that the frequency of assaults on reporters stems from attackers’ complete impunity.


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