Several High Council of State members boycott formation of 6+6 committee

A number of members of the High Council of State (HCS), who rejected the 13th constitutional amendment approved by the House of Representatives (HoR), renewed their rejection of the amendment, adding that they would boycott the formation of the 6+6 joint committee with the HoR.

The HCS members justified their boycott by saying that there decision came due to the lack of the constitutional basis of the amendment and the deepening of division and fragmentation and the continuation of chaos it could reflect.

They explained in a statement on Sunday that the amendment was not carried out in accordance with the regulating constitutional mechanisms and rules stipulated in the constitutional declaration amended by the political agreement, in addition to violating the regulations of the HCS and the HoR, which led to appealing the amendment before the Constitutional Circuit Court of the Supreme Court.

The HCS members rejected the link between the presidential and parliamentary elections stipulated in paragraph (A) of Article (30) of the amendment, saying the paragraph meant canceling the results of the parliamentary elections, even if they were successful, if the presidential elections are disrupted for any reason.


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