The Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls for launching a regional coalition in support of Palestine

The Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Al-Taher Al-Baour, called for launching a broad regional and international coalition to expose the “Israeli” occupation in all political and judicial forums on a global level.

Al-Baour stated the importance of working to create an international platform to support the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and establish statehood on their land.

The Acting Minister stressed the need for Arab and Islamic countries to move “very decisively and urgently to increase mobilization and political support for the Palestinian cause,” encouraging bolder and stronger decisions to be taken to increase pressure on the occupation and its supporters in order to stop the aggression against Gaza.

He stressed that “the Palestinian issue must return as a central and pivotal issue for the Arab and Islamic countries,” pointing out the importance of utilizing all economic, political, or legal efforts possible.

Al-Baour ruled out that temporary settlements would lead to a comprehensive and just solution to the Palestinian cause, suggesting that war scenes would likely be repeated if there were not additional and intensified efforts, especially from Arab and Islamic countries, to achieve Palestinian stability.


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