Tripolitanian Society urges for election roadmap away from Haftar, HoR and HCS

The Tripolitanian Society has called on the Presidential Council to declare the state of emergency across Libya and freeze or dissolve the High Council of State (HCS) and House of Representatives (HoR). The Society also called for devising a roadmap to elections based on a constitutional framework away from the HoR and HCS as well as Khalifa Haftar’s General Command.

The Society urged the Presidential Council to make the Government of National Unity (GNU) a caretaker government and to coordinate with the High National Elections Commission to set a date for parliamentary elections as soon as possible.

The Tripolitanian Society called on the Security Council, UN Support Mission in Libya and the international community to “neutralize” the expired authorities and back up the desire of the Libyan people to hold parliamentary elections as soon as possible.

It voiced concern over the last Friday protests across Libya, where the people voiced their rejection to all of the current political bodies, especially HoR and HCS, which “were the reason for the deteriorated political crisis in the country,” urging for continuing this peaceful protest wave to call for the departure of the HoR and HCS as well as other controversial parties.

The Society said the HoR gave concessions to the Egyptian government allowing it to directly intervene in Libyan affairs and have a number of ambitions in the Libyan territories and the resources through a systematic campaign to market the idea of resettling millions of Egyptians in Libya.


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