US court accepts lawsuit against Haftar, rejects his claim of head-of-state immunity

A Virginia court in the United States started pleading sessions in lawsuits against warlord Khalifa Haftar as the team of lawyers under the supervision of Libyan American Alliance said.

The plaintiffs’ lawyers said the Virginia District Court had accepted the lawsuit against Haftar and rejected his claim of head-of-state immunity.

The plaintiffs’ lawyers said they were sure the court would find Haftar a criminal who had committed war crimes and thus would be held accountable for them.

The Chairman of the Libyan American Alliance Essam Amiash said Haftar’s bad history of crimes should plunge him in jail not pave the way for him to obtain a place in Libya’s future.

As a dual Libyan-American citizen, Haftar is facing lawsuits of war crimes and crimes against humanity as well as violations of human rights at a Virginia District Court.

Haftar, according to an earlier report by the Associated Press, tried to press the idea that he has a head of state immunity in Libya to evade prosecution, which the plaintiffs’ lawyers rejected.


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