US reiterates Libya’s NOC is successful under leadership of Sanalla

The US ambassador to Libya, Richard Norland, has reiterated that the National Oil Corporation (NOC) is vital to Libya’s stability and prosperity, saying that it has remained politically independent and technically competent under the leadership of Mustafa Sanalla.

The US embassy published tweets by Norland as saying that they are following with deep concern developments surrounding the NOC, adding that the reported replacement of the NOC board may be contested in court but must not become the subject of armed confrontation.

“The key public policy considerations for Libya in this regard appear to be: oil and gas production actually being restored in order to address urgent issues affecting the lives of every Libyan, especially electricity shortages; and a Libyan mechanism in place for transparent management and oversight of the revenues.” The US ambassador stressed.

Norland asked: “Will Libyan leaders on all sides recognize that once again these developments demonstrate the urgent need for the political will to compromise and set the immediate stage for reconciliation and elections?”

These remarks came after Sanalla had rejected the decision to be sacked by Dbeibah and replaced by Frahat Bengdara. Sanalla lashed out on both Dbeibah and Bengdara, accusing them of working to control the oil revenues for the benefit of the UAE.


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