US special envoy reiterates support for Libyan elections on February 17 Revolution Anniversary

The US Special Envoy, Richard Norland, has congratulated Libyans on the 13th Anniversary of the February 17 Revolution, reaffirming Washington’s commitment to supporting Libyans from the east, west, and south in their efforts to realize their longstanding aspirations to choose a unified government that will ensure equal development of all regions of the country and foster long-term peace and prosperity.

The US embassy said on “X” platform that the Special Envoy had indicated that the US strongly encouraged all Libyan leaders to set aside their differences, prioritize the collective well-being of the nation, and engage in a sincere dialogue to lead Libya toward another pivotal moment in its history and the better future that the Libyan people deserve.

“The United States will continue to strengthen our partnership with all of the people of Libya, east, west, and south.” Norland added.

Libyans have decorated homes and streets to celebrate the 13th anniversary of the February 17 Revolution, which ousted the long-time dictator Moammar Gaddafi in 2011.

As the country is still caught up into an east and west political strife, the celebrations by state institutions will only be held in areas under total control of the Government of National Unity (mainly western Libya) because the House of Representatives and its designated government have announced that there will be no celebrations this anniversary in eastern Libya in solidarity with the victims of Storm Daniel and ensuing floods that hit Derna and other eastern areas in last September.


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