The World Bank approves the Ministry of Finance’s request for assistance regarding post-disaster development

The Ministry of Finance of the Government of National Unity has received a response from the World Bank concerning the urgent allocation of financial resources and a team to assess the damage in areas affected by recent disasters.

Mohammed Hamouda, the government spokesperson, informed Libya Al Ahrar that the work will be conducted in accordance with one of the globally recognized systems implemented by the World Bank. He further noted that long-term work requires additional procedures from both the Libyan state and the World Bank.

Previously, the Ministry of Finance had appealed to the World Bank for assistance in reconstructing areas devastated by floods that swept through eastern regions. The Ministry urged the institution to provide immediate support to affected Libyans.

In a letter to the World Bank, Dbeibah’s Finance outlined three key areas where it sought expertise for rebuilding disaster-stricken regions. Firstly, it requested a rapid assessment of flood damage through an immediate and comprehensive evaluation of damages and losses. This is to ascertain the full extent of the destruction, drawing on the World Bank’s experience in similar contexts.

Secondly, it proposed carrying out emergency cash transfers. The government aims to establish a swift program for emergency cash transfers to communities affected in disaster-stricken cities. The ministry emphasized that timely financial assistance is crucial to alleviate the immediate burdens faced by those affected.

Lastly, regarding reconstruction funds management, the Ministry requested the World Bank’s assistance in establishing an international fund. This fund would gather necessary resources for extensive reconstruction efforts and manage them effectively, leveraging the World Bank’s experience in managing such funds.

The Ministry expressed its belief that urgent humanitarian aid can be disbursed by the United Nations and its partners working on the ground. This aid can assist in distributing resources to the most vulnerable and negatively impacted groups.


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