After two days of artillery shelling, Al-Khadra Hospital in Tripoli evacuates patients

The spokesman for the ambulance and emergency apparatus Osama Ali told Libya Alahrar Tuesday that Al-Istiqlal (Al-Khadra) Hospital had evacuated 31 patients after coming under artillery shelling and indiscriminate rockets by Khalifa Haftar’s militias over the last two days.

The apparatus blamed in a statement the UNSMIL for the continued attacks on healthcare facilities and for the disregard of civilian lives by Haftar’s militias.

“We condemn this cowardly attack on the hospital and we urge the UNSMIL to stop the attacks on public and civilian infrastructure. Continuous shelling on the hospital by Haftar’s militias is a blatant violation of all humanitarian laws and norms.” The apparatus indicated.

It also said that the shutdown of Al-Khadra hospital could create a crisis on Tripoli, especially in women and children sections, warning of the consequences of such a shutdown amid the needs for health facilities for any Coronavirus cases that might be recorded in Libya.


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