Developments in Libya are to be discussed at the UN Security Council

The Security Council is to vote on Thursday on a resolution renewing for one year the mandate to inspect ships off the coast of Libya.

The Council stressed that the arms embargo can play an important role in creating conditions for the political process and assisting the Libyan authorities in enhancing security and preventing the spread of weapons in Libya and the region.

The Security Council stressed the need to implement the arms embargo, along with the inspection permit, in a strict and comprehensive manner to prevent illicit transfers by air, land and sea.

Moreover, the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Karim Khan, is scheduled to present a semi-annual briefing to the Security Council on Libya on May 14.

Khan had confirmed in a briefing last November that his office was continuing the investigation in Libya, as it had allocated additional resources, increased engagement with those affected by the alleged crimes, and cooperated more with the Libyan authorities.

Khan pointed out that there has been significant progress and expected to outline a possible road map for concluding their activities in Libya in May’s report.


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