HCS announces strategic measures in response to Derna crisis

The High Council of the State (HCS) has announced a series of strategic measures in response to the catastrophic event that unfolded in the city of Derna. The announcement came after an emergency session was convened on Sunday to discuss the disaster that has left the city in ruins.

The Council called for a comprehensive international investigation into the calamity that has resulted in thousands of casualties and widespread destruction. The Council’s statement also emphasized the need to consider and implement the just demands put forth by the residents of Derna.

In a significant move, the Council has urged for necessary actions to be taken towards declaring Derna as a disaster-stricken city at an international level. This would ensure that funds are allocated, monitored, and liquidated for its reconstruction, with a clear timeline set for the completion of this monumental task.

The HCS has proposed the formation of a crisis management committee comprising experts from within Derna. The selection process would involve coordination and communication between the competent executive authority and the residents of Derna, thereby ensuring national ownership of the reconstruction process.

The members have unanimously agreed to take immediate steps to address existing bottlenecks and provide the necessary resources for carrying out this mission. They also emphasized identifying short-term needs and proposing resource allocation for addressing them, until reconstruction commences.

The Council underscored the urgency of providing essential healthcare services in Derna and establishing a psychological support center. It also advocated for collaboration with specialized countries and organizations to assist families affected by the disaster, alleviate their suffering, rehabilitate those affected, and help them recover from their ordeal.

Source: The High Council of State


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