Turkey’s teams continue their work in Derna whilst other international rescue units conclude their missions

Nine days have passed since the devastating disaster hit the city of Derna, and the relentless efforts of international and local rescue teams continue unabated. However, the Spanish and Greek rescue teams have concluded their missions, after completing their search for survivors amidst the rubble left by the catastrophic flood. The Greek Public Broadcasting Authority, ERT, reported the safe return of their 13-member rescue team via a C-130 military cargo plane.

Abdulhamid Dbeibah, the head of the Government National Unity GNU, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Spanish rescue team for their tireless efforts in Derna and Sousse. Dbeibah also acknowledged the ongoing work of other rescue teams that promptly responded to the disaster from various corners of the world. The disaster has not only affected Derna but also impacted other cities in the Green Mountain region.

Tarek Al-Waslati, head of the Tunisian rescue team in Libya, dispelled rumors about their premature withdrawal from Derna. He confirmed that all bodies trapped in homes have been recovered. However, he also shared a grim outlook on finding any more survivors.

Hamza Tashdelen, head of Turkey’s Emergency and Disaster Management Team “AFAD”, reaffirmed their commitment to continue their operations in coordination with public institutions and organizations. He also extended his appreciation to other teams working in Derna.

In a related development, Italy’s embassy in Libya announced the arrival of a plane at Al Abraq Airport carrying 60 rescuers and 12 technicians bound for Derna. On a local level, The National Safety Authority declared an end to its missions in Derna, ensuring the safety of all its personnel amidst a complete communication blackout across the city.


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