Head of Libya’s Presidential Council wants solutions for fuel subsidies’ policies

The Head of the Presidential Council, Mohammed Menfi, called on the institutions concerned with fuel subsidies to develop urgent solutions to their policies in order to spare the people the consequences of removing fuel subsidies.

Menfi confirmed in a post on X platform on Sunday his intention to form technical subcommittees to understand the reasons for the inflation of subsidies and ways to save the Libyan economy.

He added that the continued increase in public spending, especially the dangerous inflation in the fuel subsidies for 2023, required urgent and decisive treatment of the policies of public institutions away from burdening citizens.

Menfi also called on the Libyan institutions concerned with public spending to notify their representatives to participate in the first meeting of the High Finance Committee for 2024 next week, thus reactivating the committee’s work after being suspended in October 2023.


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