House of Representatives Approves New Draft of Election Laws

The House of Representatives (HoR) in Libya has unanimously approved the issuance of the presidential and legislative election laws, according to the council’s spokesperson, Abdullah Bleiheq. These laws were proposed by the 6+6 committee, a joint body authorized to approve electoral laws under constitutional amendment No. 13.

In a recent session HoR Speaker, Agila Saleh, announced that they had received the final version of these electoral laws from the 6+6 committee. He emphasized that these laws are inclusive, allowing both military and civilian personnel to run for office. Furthermore, he assured that unsuccessful candidates would retain the right to return to their previous positions.

Saleh also highlighted that the presidential election law has been drafted with careful consideration of the current circumstances in Libya. He stated that it is not within the HoR’s jurisdiction to amend these laws once they have been finalized by the 6+6 committee.

In his concluding remarks, Saleh confirmed that their responsibilities include signing off on these laws and authorizing their publication in the official newspaper.

Miloud Al-Aswad, a member of the 6+6 committee, previously disclosed that they had taken into account technical remarks discussed with the UN mission while drafting these laws. He stressed that it is now incumbent on the HoR to issue these electoral laws without amendments and refer them to the High National Elections Commission (HNEC).

This development comes after Emad Al-Sayeh, head of the HNEC, expressed regret in late June over not receiving any official copy of these laws from the 6+6 committee.


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