Levy says he has entered Libya with a visa obtained by his newspaper

The French writer Bernard Levy said he had obtained his entry visa to Libya via the newspaper he works for not through the Interior Ministry of Libya.

Levy told Libya Alahrar TV on Saturday that he had obtained a regular visa and he had visited Libya by an invitation from Misrata and Tarhouna to write a report on the cities, mass graves and other issues in western Libya for US-based Wall Street Journal.

Levy denied meeting any Government of National Accord officials, saying he met with civilians and policemen, as well as municipal employees and civil societies, adding that he came to support Libyans who have suffered enough from “martyrdom, war, ISIS, Gaddafi and Haftar”.

“I have seen something in Tarhouna that broke my heart as many civilians and children are buried in mass graves with their hands tied to their backs. I came to document this.” Levy added.

Asked if he had been invited by a GNA entity, he said the question should go to the government as he had obtained invitations from Tarhouna and Misrata’s people.

He also said later on Twitter that he had been saddened by the views he saw in Tarhouna, adding that his report “Fields of Death” will soon be published to show those atrocities.


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