Libya accuses Tunisia of “inhumane deportation of immigrants” as bodies blanket joint border

Libyan border guard personnel have recovered six dead bodies of unidentified African immigrants on the border with Tunisia, the Libyan Interior Ministry has reported.

The Interior Ministry said in a statement on Sunday that the bodies were spotted as the patrols of the border guards combed through the desert area between Libya and Tunisia.

“We are sending patrols to the border between Libya and Tunisia to stop the influx of stranded immigrants who have been kicked out of Tunisia to the desert and are forced by Tunisian authorities to enter Libyan territory.” The statement reads.

A Sudanese immigrant told Libya Alahrar TV that Tunisian authorities had used unjustified violence against them, beating them out of Tunisian territory into Libyan soil on the joint border.

Tunisia has been condemned by human rights bodies for inhumane treatment of mainly African immigrants and their forced deportation into death-like borderland in Libya.


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