Libya adopts a new psychological health strategy with support from the World Health Organization

The World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health announced the adoption of the National Psychological Health Strategy 2024-2030.

This came after a two-day workshop in the city of Misrata, which brought together psychological health experts from various parts of Libya with their counterparts from the World Health Organization.

According to a statement published by the World Health Organization, the adopted strategy aims to address pressing challenges in the field of psychological health in Libya, by focusing on enhancing prevention, early detection, treatment, and close follow-up of psychological medical cases.

The strategy also seeks to establish a comprehensive and integrated health system that guarantees all citizens access to high-quality psychological health and psychosocial support services, according to the organization.

In addition, the strategy includes a set of important initiatives, such as establishing a national psychological health committee, providing a trained workforce in all specialties, and engaging various sectors and stakeholders in efforts to improve psychological health.

The representative of the World Health Organization in Libya, Ahmed Zouiten, praised the approval of the strategy, stressing that it represents a decisive step towards prioritizing psychological health in Libya.

Zouiten added, “This strategy confirms the organization’s commitment to building a resilient and healthy society in which psychological health is recognized as a universal human right.”


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