Libyan Air Force targets supplies convoy en route to Haftar’s militias, Gununu says

The spokesman for the Libyan Army Mohammed Gununu said Libyan Air Force warplanes had targeted a supplies convoy for Khalifa Haftar’s militias near the Marsit – Memorial.

Gununu said that the convoy was on the road between Garyat and Nessma towns and it was made up of a truck laden with ammunition escorted by four vehicles also loaded with ammunition en route to Haftar’s militias in Tarhouna and south Tripoli.

Earlier this week, Gununu said the Libyan Air Force warplanes carried out five strikes on Haftar militias’ military vehicles in Al-Watiya airbase.

The media office of Burkan Al-Ghadab Operation cited Gununu as saying that the airstrikes were part of Operation Peace Storm that aims to respond to Haftar’s continous attacks on civilians in Tripoli.


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