Libyan Foreign Ministry warns of threats posed by multinational mercenaries

The Libyan Foreign Ministry of the Government of National Accord (GNA) has warned of the threats posed by the presence of Russian Wagner Group, Janjaweed and other foreign mercenaries to the Libyan national security.

In a statement on Saturday, the GNA Foreign Ministry confirmed that Libyan Army forces will continue to liberate the country from all mercenaries and aggressors in order to preserve the national security of the country.

“Russian and Janjaweed mercenaries as well as other foreign fighters fighting for Haftar’s militias pose a threat to the Libyan, regional and international security.

The Libyan Foreign Ministry of the GNA called in its statement on the countries that have oil firms working in Libya to cooperate with the state of Libya to unveil the violations of the mercenaries and the countries supporting them to be subject to international justice.


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