Libyan Investment Authority made $1.2 billion in profit in 2022

The Head of the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA), Ali Mahmoud Hassan, announced that LIA made 1.2 billion dollars in profit in 2022, expecting a two-billion profit range this year. 

Hassan reiterated that LIA was working on auditing the accounts of recent years to be completed in line with the financial statements. He said that the success in tightening control over the portfolios and subsidiaries helped in completing the auditing process.

LIA received on Tuesday a report on the verification of its financial statements and subsidiaries by the British auditor “Ernst & Young” (EY), which completed the auditing and verification process in cooperation with the LIA’s Board of Directors.

LIA organized a celebration on this occasion in Tripoli, and it was attended by LIA’s Head and members.


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