Libya’s Central Bank: 2022 revenues hit 134.4 billion dinars, expenditures 127.9 billion

The Central Bank of Libya (CBL) published its annual report of public revenues and expenditures, which covers the entire year of 2022, saying that expenditures amounted to 127.9 billion dinars in 2022, while the total revenues amounted to 134.4 billion dinars.

According to the CBL, oil revenues reached 105 billion dinars, taxes 1.4 billion and customs 211 million, while spending on salaries reached 47.1 billion, development 17.5 billion, and subsidies 20 billion.

The House of Representatives’ (HoR) expenditures exceeded one billion dinars, while the expenditures of the Council of Ministers of the Government of National Unity neared two billion dinars, the High Council of State about half a billion, and the Presidential Council over 775 million dinars.

The CBL indicated that foreign currency exchange revenues amounted to 27.3 billion dollars, 2.5 billion of which were oil royalties for previous years, while the total foreign currency exchange usages in the past year amounted to 28.5 billion dollars.


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