Libya’s NOC lifts force majeure on Sidra, Ras Lanuf oil ports

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) declared Friday lifting force majeure status on Ras Lanuf and Sidra oil ports, a step taken after the Libyan rival parties agreed on a permanent ceasefire deal in Geneva.

“Instructions have already been given to start production arrangements subject to the standards of general security and safety precautions and the safety of the operations.” The NOC said in a statement on Friday.

The NOC reaffirmed that it received confirmations that the foreign forces had left the ports area which will enable it to perform its oil operations and resume exports.

“As NOC highly commends the efforts exerted by all local and international parties, it undertakes to hold to the non-political professional principles, continues in performing its responsibilities and duties in a completely neutral manner and declares that as production resumes from Waha and Harouge fields, production level will reach 800 thousand bpd during two weeks and will exceed one million barrels in four weeks.” NOC remarked.

It added that the production of gas feeding power-generating units in Zueitina and north of Benghazi will also increase.


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