Libya’s PM backs Nigerien elected president Bazoum against coup leaders

The Libyan Government of National Unity (GNU) expressed support for the legitimacy of the constitution and the elected president of Niger, Mohamed Bazoum, after the recent military coup that saw the latter toppled and the country’s borders closed.

Libyan GNU called on all parties in Niger to be wise in dealing with the situation on the ground to avoid plunging the country into division and civil war.

“All parties in Niger should resort to the only way possible for change: elections. They should respect the constitution and peaceful circulation of power.” The GNU added in a statement on Tuesday, warning of foreign intervention that “would only cause chaos in Niger and the region.”

Last week, military officers claimed to have taken power in Niger after Bazoum was seized by members of the presidential guard, before national institutions were shut down and protesters from both sides took to the streets.

A man named as Colonel-Major Amadou Abdramane announced the military takeover, saying they had decided to put an end to the regime.

Burkina Faso and Mali said on Monday in a joint statement that any military intervention against Niger would be considered war on them, after other West African leaders imposed financial and travel penalties against the coup plotters.


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