More bodies found in Derna, and more survivors as well !

The Military Medicine Unit has announced that 108 bodies were retrieved within the city of Derna as well as in the sea and shores around the city. The unit which has been partipcapeting in the rescue efforts besides many other government agencies added that 3 individuals were rescued on Monday from under demolished buildings.

The hospitals in Derna, Al Bayda, Al Bayda, Sousse, and Masa were supported with medical supplies by the Military Medicine Unit. The medical staff patriating included 20 doctors and 23 paramedics. During the first week, 857 cases were examined.

Moreover, the Emergency and Rescue Department continues search and rescue operations within the port area, where it declared retrieving two bodies Monday morning.

The situation in Derna, a port city in Libya, has been described as “disastrous beyond comprehension” after two dams burst over the weekend. The Red Cross and local officials have reported that at least 10,000 people are missing as a result of the devastating floods.

The confirmed death toll has exceeded 5,300. Entire neighborhoods have been washed away, with many bodies swept out to sea. Hundreds of bodies were piled up in cemeteries, with few survivors able to identify them. The Norwegian Refugee Council has stated that tens of thousands of people have been displaced and have no prospect of returning home.


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