International partners complement their efforts to support Libya in crisis

The French field hospital in Derna has received its first case after it was announced open on Sunday. The hospital is expected to provide medical assistance to the people of Derna, who have been affected by the floods resulting from Storm Daniel in Libya. The hospital is equipped with modern medical facilities and staffed by French medical personnel.

Likewise, the Sultanate of Oman has sent new relief aid to Libya through Benghazi’s Benina International Airport. The aid includes medical supplies, food, and shelter materials. This gesture is expected to provide much-needed support to the people of Derna and other towns in the Green Mountain region, who have been affected by the directly by the storm.

From his side, the German ambassador to Libya has commended the Libyan people’s response to the ongoing crisis in the country. He expressed hope that this crisis would lead to a positive change in the political arena. The ambassador stated, “The Libyan people have shown inspiring unity and resilience. We are confident in the ability of Libyans to cooperate and recover.”

Moreover, Turkish rescue teams continue search, rescue, and recovery operations under the rubbles in Derna. The Spanish rescue team, who was one of the first international arrivers, announced the completion of their work in Derna. They have declared that their activities have been completed in Libya and was executed on track, and that government officials awarded them a medal of merit for their work during the past few days in the city of Derna.


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