More western Libyan cities mobilize forces to repel Haftar’s offensive as GNA units advance

Since the declaration of full mobilization of forces by Misrata city in aid of the Government of National Accord GNA for the decisive battle of Tripoli, similar announcements by western region’s cities followed suit all in the aim of defeating Khalifa Haftar’s forces, supporting the civilian state and rejecting the military rule

Nalut: Repelling the Aggression

The military council, council of dignitaries, and civil societies in Nalut city issued a statement confirming their support for the GNA and their continuing participation in the efforts to repel Khlaifa Haftar’s aggression on Tripoli.

The statement called on the United Nations to take up its responsibilities toward Libyans without any exclusion, reiterating their rejection to individual and military rule and their support for a civilian and constitutional state

Zuwara: Warning and Threatening

Civilian and military communities at Greater Zuwara municipality have also warned of destabilizing the western region or working through sleeper cells to support the commander of Tripoli offensive Khalifa Haftar.

The Zuwara communities added in their statement that they are ready to foil any movements that aim to destabilize western region’s cities and to secure state institutions.

Meanwhile, the member of the National Security and Defense Committee of the House of Representatives Amara Shinbaro considered the declaration of full mobilization by several cities a positive unification of capabilities and a turn from defense to offense on the frontlines.

Constant Coordination and Support

In line with the full mobilization announcements by the western region’s cities, the Head of the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord (GNA)Fayez Al-Sarraj discussed with the Interior Minister, Fathi Bashagha, and Deputy Defense Minister, Brigadier General Salah Al-Namroush, the needed necessities for the next stage of the war and coordination mechanisms among military units as well as mobilization of forces to repel the offensive against Tripoli.

The declaration of full mobilization of forces by the western region’s cities came after Haftar’s announcement of his fourth “Zero Hour” to enter Tripoli. Afterwards, all developments on the ground were positive for the GNA forces, which managed to strengthen their positions and to advance on several frontlines as well as to repel multiple attacks and infiltration attempts by Haftar’s forces.


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