Oil ports reopen as Storm Daniel dwindles

Reuters has reported port agent: Al Omran International Maritime Agencies, as saying that major oil ports in Libya have reopened after shutting down on Saturday because of the powerful storm that swept the country, killing thousands of people, while thousands others are still missing, especially in Derna city.

The eastern ports of Brega, Es Sidra and Ras Lanuf opened on Tuesday and the port of Zueitina opened on Wednesday morning, Al Omran told Reuters.

Storm Daniel hit eastern coastal cities, especially Derna, Al-Bayda and Al-Marj, on Saturday. Two dams collapsed in Derna valley, washing away entire neighborhoods and killing entire families. The flood torrent obliterated around a quarter or the Mediterranean city of Derna.

The death toll of the calamity has not been verified yet as bodies are still surfacing and flowing out of the sea after they have been ebbed by tidewater because of the torrents from Storm Daniel.

The Interior Minister of the east-based government, Othman Abduljalil, told local media on Tuesday that over 5000 people died and about 10,000 others were reported missing in the wake of the cruel mother-nature disaster.


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