PM Dbeibah rejects resettlement of immigrants in Libya

The Libyan Prime Minister, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, has rejected all kinds of resettlement of immigrants in Libya, reiterating that the national security of the country is a red line.

Dbeibah called in a statement he issued on his Facebook page on Friday on the European Union (EU) and neighboring countries to support Libya’s efforts to find a solution to the illegal immigration problem away from resettlement in Libya.

“Libya can organize foreign workforce’s entry paperwork on its own and provide the necessary humanitarian assistance to immigrants as well as facilitate their return to their countries of origin. This can happen hand in hand with targeting human trafficking hubs across the country.” Dbeibah explained.

He also announced his government’s support for the agreement signed by the Libyan and Tunisian Ministries of Interior regarding the illegal immigrants situation on the joint border.

Tunisia has been sending African immigrants from across the country to an uninhabited area on the border with Libya, leaving them to death.

Over a dozen of immigrants, including women and children, have died in the harsh conditions under the scorching sun. Others have so far remained alive; thanks to the assistance of Libyan authorities, while Tunisians remain reluctant to help.

The Libyan Minister-designate of Interior, Emad Al-Trabelsi, has agreed with the Tunisian Interior Minister, Kamal Feki, on a solution that ends the crisis of the illegal immigrants stranded in inhumane conditions in the joint border area.

Al-Trabelsi’s agreement with Feki came in a meeting in Tunis on Wednesday. The two sides also discussed facilitating travel for Libyan nationals via the joint Ras Ajdair border.

They also reviewed possible solutions for the similarity of certain names of citizens as they faced problems while they travelled to Tunisia, in addition to security cooperation.


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