Sea Watch: The Libyan Coast Guard forcibly returns 85 migrants to Libya

The German organization Sea Watch has reported that it documented the illegal interception of a boat carrying 85 migrants by the Libyan Coast Guard.

The organization added that the interception operation was carried out by a ship donated by Italy, considering it a human rights violation with the support of the European Border Agency “Frontex.”

A few days earlier, Sea Watch confirmed that 180 irregular migrants drowned between the end of December and the beginning of January while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea.

On September 29, Sea-Watch published a video clip on social media, showing a patrol that it said was affiliated with the Libyan Coast Guard intercepting a rubber migrant boat and sinking it in the sea, intending to return the migrants who were on board to Libya.

The organization said that its Seabird plane witnessed what it called an “attempted murder” in the Mediterranean Sea, adding that the survivors who managed to reach the Libyan patrol boat were illegally forced to return to Libya.


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