The Arab Parliament affirms its support for Libya to hold general elections

The Speaker of the Arab Parliament, Adel Alassoumi, affirmed the position of the Arab Parliament in support of the unity of Libya, preserving its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and non-interference in its internal affairs.

Alassoumi stressed the need to move forward toward achieving the legislative and presidential elections in Libya. During his meeting with Libya’s delegate to the League of Arab States, Abdul Muttalib Al Thabet, the Speaker underlined the support of the Arab Parliament for Libya, to overcome the current exceptional phase and cross towards a more stable stage.

Considering the efforts of the Arab countries positive, Alassoumi praised what he described as the pursuit of settling the Libyan crisis through political solutions, assuring the support of the Arab Parliament for all efforts.

Furthermore, he commended the preparatory forum for the comprehensive conference on national reconciliation, which was held in the Republic of Congo with the participation of the Presidential Council and representatives of local parties under the supervision and sponsorship of the African Union.

Source: Arab Parliament


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