Libya’s High Council of State to elect Head on Sunday

The Libyan High Council of State (HCS) is set to vote for selecting the presidency for a new term on Sunday. The presidency consists of a Head, two Deputies and a Rapporteur.

The position of the Head of the HCS will see four people competing for the votes: Khalid Al-Mishri who has been in his position for four consecutive terms – the current Head – Nayema Al-Hami, Mohammed Takkala, and Naji Mukhtar.

Since the establishment of the HCS following the Libyan Political Agreement of Skhirat – Morocco – in 2015, only one other person – Abdulrahman Al-Sweihli – was elected as Head of the HCS: two successive terms.

As habit goes, the First Deputy position is usually occupied by an HCS member from the southern region, thus on Sunday, five HCS members hailing from the south will be competing for it.

The Second Deputy post will see four eastern region’s members competing, while the Rapporteur will go to one of six HCS members who are going to compete for the vote on August 6.


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