Tunisia rebuffs abuse accusations while tragic conditions for migrants at the border continue

The Tunisian Ministry of Interior has rejected accusations concerning abuse of migrants from sub-Saharan African countries.

The Ministry has maintained that it does not hesitate to carry out its humanitarian duty towards African immigrants and other foreign nationals on Tunisian soil. This comes after international humanitarian reports confirmed mistreatment by Tunisian authorities against hundreds of migrants who were expelled towards a desert area border zone, as well as clips and images on social media going viral, showing the difficult humanitarian conditions faced by the migrants on the Tunisian-Libyan border.

The Tunisian Ministry of Interior said in a statement that it rejects allegations that target Tunisia’s image, and claimed that some parties, without mentioning them, have used the irregular migration file for losing ends, according to its statement.

The Emergency Medicine and Support Centre in Libya has reported that 13 bodies of migrants had been recovered so far from the border area, while the Libyan Border Guard has stated that it is continuing its rescue operations of migrants who were left to die of starvation on the border with Tunisia, and whose numbers are by the hundreds.

Source: Statement of the Tunisian Ministry of Interior + Libya Alahrar TV


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