UN and France’s envoys to Libya review solutions to stalemate

The UN envoy to Libya Abdoulaye Bathily met with the French envoy to Libya, Paul Soler, and the French ambassador, Mostafa Mihraje, in Tripoli, where they discussed ways to support Libyans to reach a political agreement that leads to the unification of institutions and paves the way for holding elections.

Bathily said in on “X” platform on Saturday that the meeting witnessed agreement on the need for Libya’s regional and international partners to assume their responsibility in facilitating a sustainable solution that ends the current stalemate.

Bathily and Soler stressed the importance of protecting Libya from sliding back into a long-term conflict that could expose Libya’s territorial integrity to serious dangers. 

They also reviewed developments in the national reconciliation process and reconstruction efforts in eastern Libya, stressing the need to adopt a unified approach to reconstruction that would give priority to the needs of the affected population and enjoy the trust and support of everyone, including international partners.


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