UN envoy to Libya says the biggest breach of ceasefire happened at Mitiga Airport

The UN envoy to Libya and Head of the UNSMIL, Ghassan Salame, said the biggest violation of the ceasefire in Libya had taken place at Mitiga Airport, saying he had informed the Libyan parties not to repeat such an act in order to consolidate the ceasefire.

Haftar’s militias had been breaching the ceasefire since it started on January 12, leading to many escalations such as the killing of one person on the first day of the ceasefire, then opening fire on people returning to their houses, let alone the Wednesday attack on Mitiga Airport in Tripoli with 11 Grad rockets in less than 48 hours and the threats by Haftar’s spokesman to destroy civilian planes if they land in or take off from Mitiga.

Salame told France 24 the arms embargo in Libya was breached even after the Berlin conference, urging the countries that attended Berlin conference to take some action against the parties sending mercenaries and weapons to Libya.

The UN envoy also said that it is possible that the clashes resume but the UNSMIL is working on preventing the turning of these clashes into a guerrilla warfare inside Tripoli.

“I call on all Libyans to use the opportunity of Berlin conference and start with the three tracks that are the only way to resolve the crisis.” Salame explained.


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