‎Libya’s Interim PM renders reports of LPDF votes’ bribes as “fake news”

The media office of the Government of National Unity (GNU) has issued a statement saying the Prime Minister-elect, Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah, renders the media falsification and fake news as attempts to hinder the formation of the GNU and block its chances of receiving the House of Representatives’ confidence.

In an implied reference to an AFP report citing UN panel of experts about bribes being paid (150.000 to 500.000 dollars) to some Libyan Political Dialogue Forum members in Tunisia for votes for Dbeibah, the media office of the GNU said this was an endeavor of fact-twisting by the media and Libyans had previously fallen for it many times, leading to the current fragmentation after conflicts and wars.

GNU’s media office welcomed also the approval of the 5+5 Joint Military Commission of securing a House of Representatives’ session in Sirte to grant confidence to the Dbeibah cabinet.

It reiterated that Dbeibah had reaffirmed the integrity and transparency of the process in which he and the Presidential Council members were elected by the LPDF, saying that the process took place in a very transparent manner on air for all people to watch.

The media office cited Dbeibah as saying: “Getting the first phase of the roadmap done has become very close as the House of Representatives prepares to grant the GNU confidence. Political and institutional divisions are about to end and so are the poor services and terrible economic conditions in the country. We are committed to the roadmap and are sure that the Libyan people are well aware of the challenges that are facing the process of unifying the country’s institutions as well as national reconciliation.”


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