British ambassador calls on Libyan leaders to make “brave settlements”

The UK Ambassador to Libya, Martin Longden, said that the necessary foundations for social, political and economic stability in Libya remain fragile, despite the country witnessing a significant decrease in terrorist threats and an increase in commercial and economic activity.

During an opinion article he wrote for Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, the British ambassador attributed the fragility of the situation in Libya to the ongoing political disputes, which hindered the country’s progress in all aspects.

The ambassador criticized the UN-led process, pointing out that it has not yet achieved the transparent and effective democratic governance that the Libyan people aspire to.
However, he suggested that the country is on the cusp of a new phase of potential and challenges.

According to the ambassador, Libyan leaders must overcome divisions and work constructively to achieve stability and development, stressing that the current situation, which is consuming the country’s wealth, cannot continue, especially with the fluctuations in global oil prices.

Longden called on the international community to provide more support to Libya, noting that Libya’s success will benefit Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

At the conclusion of his article, the ambassador urged Libyan leaders to be courageous and make compromises that may be uncomfortable at times. However, its reward is a unified, sovereign, strong and prosperous Libya, as he put it.


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