Aftermath of flood disaster continues to gloom over sports clubs in east Libya

The Emergency Committee of the Ministry of Sports in the Government of National Unity (GNU), which was dispatched to assess the damage caused by recent floods to sports facilities in eastern Libya, has conducted its on-site inspections at Al-Akhdar and Al-Fidaa Omar Al-Mukhtar clubs, documenting the extensive damage inflicted on the facilities and sports clubs in the affected municipalities.

The committee’s findings revealed that Al-Akhdar Club was severely impacted, requiring significant restoration work. The club’s pitch, facilities, equipment, and players’ rooms were all affected by the floods. Additionally, the electrical network and the administrative building housing all its offices were damaged. The sports hall and its facilities were also flooded.

Moreover, a large-scale campaign was launched to provide support to the sports community in the affected areas, culminating earlier this week at the Sulaiman Al-Darrat Sports Complex in Benghazi. The campaign saw participation from a significant number of employees, athletes, administrators, and heads of sports federations. They collaborated with the Central Blood Bank Benghazi in this initiative.

In related news, the Libyan Olympic Committee recently organized a similar campaign in Tripoli. The chairman of the board members, employees, and administrators all participated in this effort.

In light of these challenging circumstances, Libya’s representative in the African Confederation, Al-Hilal, played their first match in this season in the African tournament at the Kigali Pele Stadium. This comes amidst a somber atmosphere in east Libya that does not allow to host such matches, because of the devastating floods that have resulted in numerous injuries, missing persons, and casualties.

Following an agreement between Al-Hilal and Rayon Sport Rwandan clubs and with CAF’s approval, both home and away matches will be held in Rwanda due to this flood disaster.


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