Al-Afriqi Club Stands in Solidarity with Darnes Club Amid Challenging Times

In the heart of Derna, a city known for its rich history and vibrant culture, a story of unity and resilience is unfolding. The Al-Afriqi Club, a cornerstone of the local sports scene, has publicly reaffirmed its deep-seated ties with the neighboring Darnes Club.

Al-Afriqi mentioned in a published statement that the relationship with Darnes is not just one of geographical proximity; it is a fraternal rivalry that plays out on the football field. This dynamic has captivated fans for generations, turning each match into a much-anticipated event. Al-Afriqi statement added that the two clubs’ spirited face-offs are the “Spring of Libyan Football” derby, a term that underscores their significance in the local sports scene.

However, recent times have brought unprecedented challenges. The Board of Directors of Al-Afriqi Club has recognized the need for solidarity and support during these trying times. They have pledged to do everything within their power to ensure the continuity of sports activities at Darnes Club.

In a significant show of solidarity, Al-Afriqi has opened its doors and facilities to members of the Darnes Club. This move goes beyond mere symbolism; as it is a practical measure designed to ensure that sporting activities can continue unabated.

Al-Afriqi stressed that this initiative is part of a concerted effort to sustain the joy and excitement that football brings to the city. It’s an acknowledgment of the role sports play in fostering community spirit and resilience. The city’s two historic clubs, Darnes and Al-Afriqi, have accordingly become more than just sports teams; but in fact symbols of unity and perseverance.

As Derna navigates through these challenging times, the actions of Al-Afriqi serve as a reminder that even in adversity, the spirit of sportsmanship endures. The club’s commitment to supporting its neighbor underscores the power of unity in overcoming challenges. It’s a testament to the enduring bond between these two clubs – a bond forged on the football field and strengthened by shared experiences and mutual respect.


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