Algerian Health Ministry: Libyan nationals have tested negative for Coronavirus

The Algerian Health Ministry has announced that Libya, Algeria, and Mauritanian nationals, who were evacuated from Wuhan city in China, have tested negative for Coronavirus.

The Ministry confirmed in a statement on Sunday that the nationals who were lodged at the quarantine once they arrived in Algeria had no Coronavirus symptoms or any other diseases related to the virus.

On February 02, the Libyan Foreign Ministry said that Algeria was coordinating with it to evacuate the Libyan students in China’s Wuhan city on board the Algerian planes that were tasked with evacuating the Algerian nationals from China.

According to latest reports, one Libyan student has refused to be evacuated and explained in a video statement from the streets of Wuhan that he would stay in the city despite all risks.

In the meantime, the Director of the Tripoli University Hospital Nabeel Al-Ajili said in a televised statement last week that they had a plan to open the quarantine units at the offices of the international medical control at the port, airport and land borders in the country.

He also indicated that all hospitals in the country were fully prepared to deal with any patients, including running the needed analyses and medical checks if they suspected Coronavirus cases.


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